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Scientific Detection of Fakery in Art II
September 20-21, 1999

As a service to web users were are periodically posting papers from the syposium. The first offering is the paper
"Art Fakes and The Statue of Limitations" - Alan Feld, Professor of Law
Boston University, Boston, MA
[Chapter 3 of this book is available for download by clicking here.]

Part of SPIE's* International Symposium on Voice, Video and Communications

19-22 September 1999 Hynes Convention Center Boston, Massachusetts USA

Conference Chairs: Duane R. Chartier, ConservArt Associates, Inc.; Walter McCrone, McCrone Research Institute; Richard J. Weiss, King's College

This two-day conference concentrated on scientific techniques such as carbon dating, optical microscopy, x-ray fluorescence, pigment analysis, x-radiography, laser profilometry, etc. used to authenticate art. In addition the conference explored new and old methods that complement connoisseurship. A round-table discussion attempted to present state of the subject and resulted in a very levely debate.

* SPIE is the International Society for Optical Engineering. These sessions were part of a much larger conference "Photonics East" that features advances in optical and electrical engineering. For more information on future meetings contact SPIE directly.

Program - List of Presentations

Art Fakes and The Statue of Limitations
Chapter 3 of this book is available for download by clicking here.
Alan Feld
Law Professor at Boston University

Authenticity of Engraved Scrimshaw
Donald Ridley
Assistant Curator, Kendall Whaling Museum

Detection of Philatelic Forgeries
Mercer Bristow
American Philatelic Society
Director of the Expertizing Service

Insurability of Art
Renée Vara
Chubb Insurance

DNA as a Security Marker
Chris Outwater
DNA Technologies Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Rick Tullis
DNA Sciences, Carlsbad, CA

Authentication at a Small Museum
Douglas K. S. Hyland
New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT

Raman Spectroscopy in the Art World
Ken P. J. Williams
Renishaw PLC, Old Town,
Wotton-under-Edge, Glouchestershire

Lucia Burgio and Robin J. H. Clark
University College London, Christopher Ingold Laboratories

Fakes, Forgeries and Experts (FFE) (Philately)
Paolo Vollmeier
Switzerland, President of the Commission for the Fight Against Forgeries of the F.I.P

Richard J. Weiss

Non-Destructive Analysis of Artifacts
Manfred Schreiner, Dubravka Jembrih, and Robert Linke
Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria and Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Michael Mantler
Institute of Applied and Technical Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

International Center for Art Intelligence (ICAI)
Duane Chartier

How Appraisers Deal with Authenticity

Edward N. Okil
Executive Director, National Institute of Appraisers

Framing and Care of Original Works of Art on Paper
Edward N. Okil
Executive Director, National Institute of Appraisers

Fakery in Graphic Arts
Howard Hansen
Museum of Printing, North Andover, MA

Optical Tricks to Foil Counterfeiters

Originally published in OE REPORTS
R. Winn Hardin

Raman Spectroscopy to Solve Crime

M. Claybourn
Spectroscopy Products Division, Renishaw PLC, Old Town, Wotton-under Edge, Gloucestershire

M. Ansell
Forensic Document Examiner,
Herne Bay, Kent, UK.


Roundtable Discussion: All Speakers
Moderator: Dr. Duane Chartier, International Center for Art Intelligence, Inc., and ConservArt Associates, Inc.


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