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An Organization Promoting Sensible Approaches
to Art Authentication, Art and Design

The International Center for Art Intelligence Inc.,© began in 1998 at the conference "Scientific Detection of Fakery in Art" (SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering), 29-30 January 1998, San Jose, California. This symposium brought together scientists, art historians and collectors to begin to confront some of the difficult issues surrounding art authentication and fakery. There was a clear resolution among group members that an association of interested professionals could make a difference in terms of offering professional, objective, and scientifically unassailable support for art authentication.

As always, when necessary past associates and other professionals are contracted to aid in analysis and commentaries. A more recent addition to activities,, in support of better understanding art materials and techniques, is the fact that we are maintaining relationships with a number of artists as well as supporting art historical research projects of interest. Of particular relevance to authentication problems and questions is the maintenance of accurate catalogue raisonn´┐Ż materials for artists. That is now much more feasible with on-line resources.

End of the Trail, an invited presentation by Duane R. Chartier. September 14, 2015. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Oklahoma City, OK. Given to docents and museum staff to increase their knowledge of the technical aspects of moving and conserving the sculpture. Click to download Power Point Presentation

Wilson Hurley Catalogue Raisonné
(completed December 2014)
Blazing Sunset

Yellowstone Falls at Sunset, Triptych, Study

Looking Back Through Time

Artist - Alyson Souza
Souza Flyover

Artist - Rosalyn Roemble
Iris in Silver

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